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Providing Advanced Alignment Technology and Services for Industry
  • Save Time and Money on industrial electic motor alignment
  • Reduce industrial motor maintenance, equipment and labor costs
  • Reduce vibration in industrial motors, shafts and connected parts
  • Reduce load requirements and energy costs of motor operations
  • Align motors and shafts in minutes - not hours
  • Reduce production down time costs due to less maintenance
  • Increase motor life - reduce damage to component parts by minimizing vibration
  • User friendly, Automated interface

Self=II=Align is a motor alignment system which can save industrial operations tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with motor and shaft alignment.

Harris-Technology has a user friendly automated approach to the alignment process which greatly reduces the amount of time to achieve the alignment process from hours to minutes! Self=II=Align measures the amount of misalignment then physically controls the movement of the motor to compensate for the vertical and horizontal angular and parallel offset misalignment corrections.Which is highly synergistic when viewed from a production downtime point of view.

The SELF=II=ALIGN is the only shaft alignment system in the world that has its own self powered jacking system that precisely moves the motor in direct response to compensate for misalignment measurements.Other systems have the capability to calculate the required movements necessary while leaving you the difficult task of moving the motor.Although it is easy to calculate the required amount of movement needed it is impossible for other systems to move the motor in a controlled manner. Because of certain uncontrolled variables such as the position of the applied force used to move the motor combined with the uneven weight distribution of the motor, not to mention the resistance between the motor feet and soleplate which can be greater because of uneven torque variance on the hold down bolts of the motor feet.Their movement is done in a zig-zag uncontrolled manner because they have no reference to the concentric line of axis while the motor is moving.The Harris_Technology system calculates the presets for (measuring modules C & D located at the front & rear pivotal points of the motor feet) to determine their relation to the concentric line of axis of (measuring modules A & B the ones mounted to the shafts) When the jacks starts moving this movement is measured in direct response by the measuring modules (C&D) which gives you a constant reference to the concentric line of axis while the motor is moving. These movement changes are directly communicated to the control and computing module.The control and computing module signals the movement to stop when the alignment corrections are accomplished rather than calculating how far to move the motor to achieve alignment.This eliminates the calculated quesswork making it more accurate in its movements than any system in the world.This is not possible with other systems because they have no communication with the mounting means and when the mounting bolts are loosened to allow the motor to move they loose their dynamic stability and this floating effect makes it impossible for them to obtain accurate alignment information while the motor is moving. Harris Technology has a higher degree of positioning accuracy greatly reducing the amount of time required to achieve the alignment process from hours to minutes.

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